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Monday, July 23, 2012

Delayed post from April

We had our big ultrasound scan yesterday and everything looks happy and healthy! My friend was the tech who did our scan so she told me that she saw something that was probably nothing but wasn't usually there, so I printed out the report this morning and the radiologist said it was just an extra like sac of amniotic fluid.  I think it might of been from the twin that we lost.  Either way, it's nothing and I'm so glad he's right on track in there!  I can't believe I might get to meet this little baby in the amount of time I've already been pregnant.  Hopefully he's not earlier than 2 weeks, but he can come when he wants, early or late.  And early only so long as he's completely finished cooking lol.  I can't wait to meet him.  I can feel him moving so much now and I love it!  When I'm lying in bed I'll feel him roll and my tummy will get hard on one side and then he'll roll again and it'll go soft.  He's super active and kicks, which both my husband and I can feel on the outside.  Me more than him because obviously I'm there more often and get an inside perspective, but he's felt him kick a few times.  I can't wait till we can play with him in there and really feel and see him moving.  It's the craziest most miraculous thing that's ever happened to me, physically and emotionally.  I don't know how I can love someone I've never met so much already.

On another note, we're moving in a month so I ned to start packing!  I won't be able to do the quick pack and unpack like I usually do this time.  I'm excited to finally have a room for the baby so I can start feeling like I'm getting ready.  We'll order his furniture soon and then I want to make the crib skirt and blankets that he'll use.  I also want to sew some cute fabrics onto the fronts of our plain white burp cloths.  I'm not really artsy or crafty, but I've found tons of stuff online that makes it look super easy, so I'm excited!  And a friend of mine is letting me come over and pick through all of her boy clothes.  Her son never even wore his newborn stuff because he was so big, so it's all like new, and she's kept them all for the last 4 years.  It was meant to be :)

I'm off to take my next set of belly pictures, so I have to go get ready!!

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